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Die Vielfalt an Linux Distributionen ist gewaltig, etliche Varianten des freien Betriebssystems sind kostenlos erhältlich. Doch was sind die. There are many Linux distributions available for a number of different purposes, which makes it difficult to choose at times. Here's a list of the very best to help. Welches Linux soll ich benutzen? Der Distrochooser hilft beim Vergleich von Linux -Distributionen und der Frage, welche Distribution man benutzen sollte. Ubuntu first became prominent in and quickly rose to the number 1 spot in where it stayed there for 6 years. Die Distribution basiert auf Ubuntu und verfügt über verschiedene Desktop-Umgebungen. PCLinuxOS first hit the top 10 in and it remained in the top 10 until Puppy Linux is a superb Linux distribution designed to run from a USB drive with a very small download and memory footprint. The latest version of Elementary OS is called Loki, which as well as being that bit prettier and neater than its predecessor Freya, has its own application installer UI called AppCenter. These guarantee five years of security and general maintenance updates, so you can carry on using your machine without the hassle of running a full upgrade every few months. The main edition comes with a customized version of the lightweight LXDE desktop, with other customized desktops available. Because it seems Linux Mint has been the most popular in For security reasons, saved states are not supported in Tails. Dank der Unterstützung von proprietärer Software, wie etwa Adobe Flash, kommt die Distro auch bestens mit Multimedia-Inhalten zurecht. Cnnamon can have issues with some video cards. The software center makes really easy to install the latest software. This is a great introductory article for those who are considering exploring the avenues of the Linux world. C - The Disappearance Of The Home Page With An Endless Listing Of The Most Recent MUO Articles Last In, First Out - I Feel That Is A Problem,.

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How to choose a Linux distro: Stop Thinking! It comes in three main editions: Now if Linux would improve in performance, I would definitely go for Linux! Support for audio plug-ins and MIDI input is built in and a virtual patch bay comes preinstalled. I wish I could "undo" my post above, but that is not possible. Gentoo Linux also comes with an advanced package management system called Portage. That's where distributions like antiX come in. As I recall, MUO recently needed some writers who would love to write for the team.

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Unlike the rest of the distributions listed here, Knoppix is not a distribution to install. Expect a new release codenamed Freya in Korora was originally based on Gentoo Linux, and evolved with the aim of making Linux easy for newcomers, but also useful for experts. Deepin heralds from China and is based on Debian. You can get started with CentOS here. If Linux was truly better than windows performance wise, it would be 20x more popular. linux best